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"Helping women embrace their inner Qween, while feeling confident in their everyday life."

Low Porosity Hair Growth Oil


When I first heard people were going natural, I was totally against it. Growing up, I believed a relaxer was mandatory to prevent my hair from being "nappy". Once everyone began their natural journey, I made every excuse as to why natural hair  wasn't for me; I went to the extent to say natural wasn't for everyone (silly me).


Hello my name is Keisha and I'm proud to say that I have been natural for over 5 years and I'm never going back to the creamy crack.  I am a single mother of an amazing little boy who is my world. I work at a local hospital but my love and passion for natural hair is increasing by the minute. We have a Facebook community,for all my Naturally Qweening Qweens, it is a sisterhood where we together to share hair tips, secrets and ideas.I spend countless hours expanding my knowledge on ways to promote natural growth and moisture retention. I want to be a beacon of light for anyone who may be struggling on their natural hair journey and feel like all hope is gone; I would like to formally welcome you to Naturally Qweening.